Spawning Macrocystis: Gretchen McCarthy

Macrocystis spawning so far has a 100% success rate at Otago – we’ve produced 6 lines this month

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  1. Robert on 8. December 2021 at 16:29

    The Farm Array system has been deployed. We have installed large cement moorings and the anchor lines. This system will be stocked with kelp produced in spring and summer. Gretchen has begun the process of spawning macrocystis in the lab and is currently on a biweekly spawn schedule and hoping to ramp it up to weekly spawns to increase rates of success with the aim to be out planting kelp in the farm array system this autumn. She will be beginning a long-term kelp detrital experiment in the lab’s flume systems which will be aimed at following the consumption of kelp carbon material by green lipped mussels using isotopic tracers (15N and 13C).

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