“Blue Carbon Services is dedicated to researching and developing practical technologies to grow and sequester large-scale marine-based organic carbon as a means of mitigating catastrophic climate change”

Our Mission

Blue Carbon represents one of the most promising opportunities for re-establishing the earth's carbon balance.


We aspire to make a significant contribution towards making the planet habitable for our children and future generations.


If humans are to avoid mass species extinction associated with our current projection of an average temperature increase of 3°, large-scale marine carbon production and sequestration must represent one of a multifaceted group of emission reduction and greenhouse gas sequestration technologies.

Monterey Bay Aquarium (credit Daderot)

How it works

Blue Carbon Sequestration Technology

Recent research has highlighted the role of macroalgae (kelps) in providing high rates of carbon sequestration due to their high net primary production and ability to create vast quantities of organic carbon detritus which, if it is sequestered into deep ocean waters (greater than 1000 m) has the potential to remain locked away from the atmosphere for hundreds and possibly thousands of years.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to support the establishment of large-scale kelp-based carbon sequestration systems through research and development of environmentally safe technologies and lobbying for political and grassroots support for these technologies.

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Research Projects

Carbon Sequestration and Mussel Productivity in Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture: Smart Ideas, Endeavour Fund; Ministry for Business Innovation and Employment

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